Get interior renovation services in Greenwich, Stamford, CT or Harrison, NY

A fixer-upper can sit on the market for months before an interested buyer comes along. To sell your home quickly, make sure it's move-in ready. If you're in Greenwich, Stamford, CT or Harrison, NY, reach out to Gunderson Flooring and Wallpaper Services.

Our exterior and interior renovation services can prepare your home for sale. We handle cosmetic upgrades as well as floor and deck repair. To learn more about our interior and exterior renovation services, get in touch with us today.

Gunderson Flooring and Wallpaper Services specializes in the preparation and staging of your home for sale. We can maximize the impact of your home by performing tasks to beautify and showcase your home in the best light for resale.

Gunderson Flooring and Wallpaper Services is adept at bringing all of our skills to bear to decorate your home in anticipation of your occupancy. We alleviate the need for multiple contractors to perform all of the various tasks, saving time and money.

Best renovations to do before you sell your home

Not every renovation will make your home more attractive to buyers. However, there are a few simple renovations that will help you sell your home faster or get a higher asking price, such as:

  • Painting
  • Repairing your deck
  • Refinishing your hardwood floors
Whether you need interior renovation services or exterior renovation services, we can help. Get a free estimate today to get the ball rolling.